MOTW: Splash?

Magicarp used Splash! There is no better way I could think of to start off Move of the Week: Week than with Splash. Don't ya think? Yup, you heard me right, this week you can expect to see a new MOTW every day! So sit back, relax, and try not to get water on you, cause here comes splash.

Now, obviously. Splash really isn't going to be used on your team, so I thought I'd educate the masses a little bit about Splash.

Splash has been around since Gen I and really hasn't done anything since. It's the only move in the whole game that still doesn't do anything, BUT, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon it does 5 damage. Unfortunately in Gen V none of the new Pokemon are going to be able to learn it, so there will be no epic Splash battles happening right off the bat in Black or White. 

Here's a fact that I pulled from Bulbapedia that I thought was pretty interesting:

While the English name suggests an association with water, the Japanese name, はねる (haneru), can mean both "splash" and "hop" (although usually the latter). This explains why the move can be learned naturally by Pokémon such as Spoink and Hoppip, species who have no association with water but are known for hopping or jumping and why Gravity disables it. The translation as "Splash" was likely due to the fact that it was only available to Magikarp when it was introduced. That also explains why Splash isn't a water type move... Interesting...

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- aaronspriggs