It's kind of funny... what is... our site...

We've been around for about 4 months now, and as a site, we've never done an "About Us" section. I'm sure a lot of new people who visit the site are confused. Today we are going to cover the basics of the site and open a new tab for new readers. 

Welcome to the Pokémon Podcast.

You're probably wondering what we are all about, right? Well let us introduce you to everything. Promise you won't regret your visit!

This website was started in July of 2010 to form a home for the very popular podcast called "It's Super Effective". "It's Super Effective" was created and founded by SBJ because there wasn't a stunning Pokémon Podcast in iTunes. WTPT was king of the Pokémon Podcast's for a while, but as of this year that site kind of fell off the map.

Due to the flow of traffic to the site because of the success of the podcast, more articles and posting started to happen. Within a month, original content started flowing on the site. From everything such as Rare Articles to Breeding 101 to Move of the Week, the Pokémon Podcast website is known for extremely original Pokémon content that you can't get anywhere else. 

The site isn't here to make money. Everything is self-funded by SBJ just to have an awesome community for Pokémon fans. Besides the podcast and website, one of the most popular sections on the site is the weekly Featured Team. This was based off the idea of when Nintendo Power would featured readers teams in their monthly issues. We brought that back here on our site for our fans to submit, compare, and rate each others teams. This is also a popular section of the podcast. 

"It's Super Effective" has made it as high as the #12 most downloaded video game podcast. This November the Pokémon Podcast will introduce a video Podcast called "Critical Hit".

We strive to provide a unqiue, original experience for our fans here. We think we are doing an amazing job based on feedback, and we are growing very steadily. 

If your looking for old articles, check our PC Box.

We also have Forums called: PokéTalk

On top of everything we just explained, we are also going to have a booth at the biggest Video Game Expo in the Midwest this upcoming March. You can find more info here: Midwest Gaming Classic.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us!