Mythical | Season 05, Episode 02 – Inauspicious Beginnings

Episode 02 of Loopholes & Litwicks (Season 5). Stephanie (S3) gives Talia (S3) a unique gift. While SBJ (S1) leaves the bar with Graxgar (S2) and Yiss, they run into an old friend whom questions SBJ's state of mind. Finally, off in the distance, backstory starts to unveil on someone new...

Unlike other seasons of Mythical, it's strongly recommended that you listen to both Seasons 1 (Dungeons & Dragonites) & 3 (Mazes & Magikarps) since this season starts right where Season 3 leaves off.

Keep in mind that Season 4 is a prequel.

Mythical is present by the team at Pokémon Podcast (@pokemonpodcast), It’s Super Effective. This episode was produced and edited by Steve Black Jr. (@draggingalake).

All the music in this episode was produced by Nick Burgess (@doctorburgess). Please support Nick and check his music at

Logos and Graphics for Mythical were created by Steve Black Jr.

Illustrations for Mythical were created by Micah The Brave

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