289 Rainbow Team Rocket, I Choose You: Movie Recap!

Full 'I Choose You' movie recap starting at 01:05:00 in the podcast! Micah, Irene, and SBJ talk about the new Pokémon GO news regarding Raids and we also go over the Rainbow Rocket news, as well as, the news about Legendary Pokémon hitting Alola! We do a quick history of Pokémon movies and then talk about our thoughts on the 20th Pokémon film.

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:08:35 - News
00:08:40 - Pokémon GO News
00:19:00 - BIG NEWS for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
00:33:05 - Break Music
00:37:40 - Movie History
01:05:30 - I Choose You (Spoilers)
02:00:00 - House Cleaning
02:06:00 - Post Credits

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