6 Years of Podcasts!

Happy Birthday... to us! Today is our 6th year of recording and producing "It's Super Effective". I'm so proud of the show and what it has become. What stands out the most to me after all these years of ISE has been our listeners. I have met so many amazing people and formed so many great friendships, which would never have happened if I didn't start this podcast. 

The new design of PKMNcast and ISE was something that was really important to me. It not only refreshes the website and the podcast visually, but I think it fits the energy the show now has. The design is more vibrant, more exciting, and has more character. I think that represents everyone on the show too. 

I cannot thank you all enough for taking this journey of laughing and getting things wrong week after week. The podcast has bettered me as a person and has helped me grow as a person. I will always be grateful to all the listeners and the friendships I've made. 

Best, SBJ

PS: I want to thank my friend, Micah, for helping me with this design. We stayed up way too late all week working on different designs and colors to get things just right. 

By the way... we have new shirts celebrating our new logo! Check them out!