As many of you know, Twitch Plays Pokèmon didn’t stop with RED defeating Pokèmon Red Version. Within 48 hours of defeating BLUE, Twitch Plays Pokèmon returned in the land of Johto, where the protagonist, AJDNNW, selected a Totodile.

GIF From Reddit User Domecracyneedstodie

GIF From Reddit User Domecracyneedstodie

Well, 8 Johto badges, an Elite 4 victory, and 8 Kanto badges later, Twitch finally got their access to Mt. Silver. Instead of doing what any rational person would do and catch a Sneasel, they turned their attention to defeating RED. In Generation II, battling RED is the game’s finale, and Red carries a team that one might have accumulated in Pokèmon Yellow, being a Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Snorlax, and an Eevee (that since evolved into an Espeon).

But not this time.

In a surprising, but very welcome twist, the still-anonymous creator of Twitch Plays Pokèmon edited RED’s team so that it reflects not the Red of Generation I, but the Red of Twitch Plays Pokèmon. That means Twitch essentially had to face off against their original work to defeat Crystal. The team of Zapdos, Lapras, Nidoking, Venomoth, Pidgeot (“Bird Jesus”), and of course, “Lord Helix” himself proved to be incredibly formidable, defeating AJDNNW’s team 7 times before Twitch proved victorious.

Twitch Plays Pokèmon defeated RED, and thusly, Pokèmon Crystal in 13 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 56 seconds.

Twitch Plays Pokèmon defeated RED, and thusly, Pokèmon Crystal in 13 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 56 seconds. On the surface, this is a massive improvement over Twitch Plays Pokèmon Red, which took over 17 days to defeat, and they didn’t have an extra 8 badges to obtain. However, the accomplishment is slightly mitigated by the new Democracy rules, which automatically activated Democracy mode every hour, rather than only by a 75% vote from it’s participants.

Even while frequently giving in to the Democratic will of the Dome Fossil, beating Pokèmon Crystal is still a pretty big accomplishment, so congratulations to the thousands of people who participated in Twitch’s second grand experiment.

For those of you who followed Twitch Plays Pokèmon through it’s Crystal run-through, and are worried that you’ve seen the last of Twitch Playing Pokèmon, don’t fear. The creator of Twitch Plays Pokèmon will be launching a play-through of Pokèmon Emerald within the week, meaning that soon you’ll be able to watch thousands of people randomly stumble their way through double battles, EV training, and (hopefully) catching a sweet Breloom.