Rare Article: VGC So Far

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Colonialism Day. Second, I would like to thank SBJ for filling in for me last week, as I was having connection issues and couldn't get Rare Article up. If you recall, two weeks ago I promised a review of what's been going on with this year's VGC. I mean to fulfill that promise, so here is the article that I should have had up a long time ago:
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PokéFact: Do You Know Your One, Two, Threes?

Hello, it's me again[:

I think I am just going to continue and post on Tuesdays. I really like Tuesdays. :P I want to thank you guys for welcoming me and making me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Did you that the ends of the names of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres together reads uno, dos, tres, which is spanish for 1,2, 3. Personally, I found this amazing. So that was your PokéFact for the week.

Hoped I succeed in blowing your mind. <3


PKMN of the Week: Zapdos

Another legendary this week: Zapdos!

Zapdos is one of the legendary birds of Kanto. It is a poorly understood species, believed by many to be pure myth. It is always seen in conjunction with thunderstorms, leading many to believe that it gathers energy from the electricity in the atmosphere. It is also reported to cause massive crackling and snapping sounds when it flies; these are attributed to the lightning bolts it is said to shed when airborne.

Zapdos has the second highest Special Attack of all Electric-types with 125. Magnezone ranks first in this regard.

Zapdos is the only one of the legendary birds to not have a double weakness to Rock (or for that matter, any double weakness).

Zapdos's name is a combination of the word zap and the Spanish word for two, dos, indicating that it is the second in the series of Kanto legendary birds. Its Japanese name is simply Thunder.

Source: Bulbapeida