How Serious is Nintendo?

We are all super excited for this years Pokémon VGC to happen. It takes place worldwide at various locations usually starting in May. Now since the rules and restrictions maybe be different this year. Let's do a little preparation before we get to far into training our teams. 

I'm so nerdy I read the entire regulation guide. Here is some stuff to consider:

The use of external devices to alter the Pokémon in a player's party is expressly forbidden. Random checks will be performed throughout the tournament to determine whether or not an external device has been used to modify a player's party. Players found to have Pokémon that have been tampered with will be disqualified from the event, regardless of whether the player tampered with his or her game or received a Pokémon or item that was tampered with by someone other than the player. It is the player's responsibility to have legal Pokémon. Event officials have the final...

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