PKMN of the Week: Shelgon


I hate teenagers.

Actually, let me be more specific:  I hate teenage boys.

The Pokémon League I attend on Sundays tends to have more teenage boys than anything else.  How to describe them?

They say stupid things.  They don't think before they speak.  They ask if you are related to Steve Jobs because you are wearing a long sleeve black top.  They talk about "ubers" like it is a real thing that means anything (FYI - it doesn't).

Teenage boys smell.  Either no one has told them yet that they need to wear deodorant, wash their clothes, wash themselves, etc. or they wear too much cologne or body spray so you have an allergy attack the minute they walk into the room.

They are surly.  They travel in packs.  They mock people and things outside of their own.

I know all of this especially well because, I, to was once a teenage boy.  Absolutely of the worst variety.

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AOTW: Rock Head

Everything in life has pros and cons, trainerinos and trainerettes. For every decade with Dexter’s Laboratory, there’s another one with Dude, What Would Happen? Shame on you, Cartoon Network for allowing such an epic failure. The same goes for Pokémon. Sometimes you find yourself with the opportunity to pack a wicked powerful attack, but the recoil cost is too high, and you don’t even get the comedy value of emasculating Will Smith. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

G’night, everybody!

Okay, c’mon, you guys know my schtick by now, I gotta mess with you a little bit! This is Ability of the Week: Rock Head!

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