Hello everybody! It's your friendly everyday co-host and MOTW editor Aaron! First I want to say thanks to everyone who came out to the Midwest Gaming Classic this last weekend. We had a packed room, awesome tournements, and just a generally swell time!

This week there will be no Move of the Week article due to the relocation of PKMNcast headquarters. SBJ is moving into a much larger space and me, being the co-host am obviously helping with this move. It's been a really busy week for the both of us with late nights and early mornings trying to get everything moved over, but the relocation is almost complete! We're building an entire studio just for recording with soundproofing and everything. All this is happening to bring you guys, the listeners and readers, a better PKMNcast expericence! So while we're relocating this week please take this video as a consolation prize. Your regular PKMNcast will resume this next week!