AOTW: Sheer Force

Last time on Ability of the Week, we talked about Liquid Ooze, which turns your opponent’s HP-stealing moves against them. We also discussed adding onto the effect with moves like Toxic for some damage over time. While building damage slowly is fun (particularly watching your friend’s reaction), sometimes you just wanna get in there with some blunt-force trauma to Pikachu’s cutesy little face. This week we’re talking about an Ability that can give an automatic boost to your damage-dealing moves and Hulk out your pokémon! This is Ability of the Week: Sheer Force!
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IOTW: Life Orb

Sup, Pokégals and Pokébros. Item of the Week up in hizzle. I forgot about writing this until 12:31 AM the morning that I have to write this. Here's to hoping I find my muse in this twilight hour.

For those unfamiliar, the Life Orb boosts the strength of all attacks by 30%, at the cost of 10% of your HP for every attack you make. This is essentially God's (or should it be Arceus'?) gift to mixed sweepers. Where physical and special sweepers have choice band and specs, respectively, the closest thing a mixed sweeper can have is the Life Orb. The choice items boost attack by 50%, but restrict you to one move. The Life Orb doesn't get you stuck on one move, so you can switch from a physical to a

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