AOTW Rapid-Fire!! Flame Body, Early Bird, and Imposter

Oh, Abilities. You are so varied. Some of you are awesome, some of you are useless. And while many of your are complicated and mutli-faceted, still others are elementary and straight-forward. Well, at least the latter get company when I do these articles! It’s another three-pack of pokémon powers this week, folks. This is Ability of the Week Rapid-Fire: Flame Body, Early Bird, and Imposter!
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MOTW: Dream Eater

Do you still have lingering thoughts of Halloween? Or what about decorations of skulls, and evil looking pumpkins? Do get spooked easily and have nightmares for days? Well then you might not want to read this article. In the wake of Halloween we’re going to be talking about Dream Eater...

If you have any intuition at all you can tell what Dream Eater does without even looking up its definition. It pretty much does exactly what it says it does. When your opponent is asleep, and only when they’re asleep, you can deal damage with Dream Eater and ‘eat their dreams’. Now, what on earth does that mean? Apparently dreams taste pretty good to some Pokemon and even restore HP. Whatever damage you...

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