Rare Article: 4 Pokémon You Should Consider: Redux

Back in 2010, SBJ wrote a great article that was one of PKMNcast's most popular posts, entitled "4 Pokemon You Should Consider." I've been thinking of a ton of Pokémon that are in the UU, RU, and NU tiers that, despite their appearances at first glance, have interesting niches to fill. SO! I have decided to make a new "4 Pokémon You Should Consider" with new Pokémon, new strategies, and a new (more handsome) author. Here we go!
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4 Pokémon You Should Consider

We all know legendaries are the strongest thing out there in the Pokémon world, and no one like to lose... so in terms, most teams are filled with Palkias and Dialgas, but lets take a look at a few Pokémon out of the 400+ that you should consider. Now these aren't the best Pokémon for the job, but they aren't bad. That being said, it's more of a different look at strategy's other then... who's the strongest out there strategy. 


1. Glaceon

Glaceon is one of the four pure Ice Pokémon out there. ONE of FOUR! That means something right? Well... this evolution of Eevee has pretty good stats, but not the best. That said, it's ability is Snow Cloak, which causes evasion to increase by 20% in a hailstorm, is pretty sweet. Now think about this, Blizzard has 100% accuracy in a hailstorm. Good reason to use a move like Hail. Glaceon strong point is special attack, so Blizzard not only get the STAB bonus, but it's going to be 100% accurate and Galceon is going to have a good start on avoiding attacks. Just something to think about before you evolve you Eevee. 


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