Rare Article: 4 Pokémon You Should Consider: Redux

Back in 2010, SBJ wrote a great article that was one of PKMNcast's most popular posts, entitled "4 Pokemon You Should Consider." I've been thinking of a ton of Pokémon that are in the UU, RU, and NU tiers that, despite their appearances at first glance, have interesting niches to fill. 

SO! I have decided to make a new "4 Pokémon You Should Consider" with new Pokémon, new strategies, and a new (more handsome) author. Here we go!

Chapter 1: Camerupt, Or: The Eeyoreof the Pokémon Universe


 is slow. Really slow. Like, "base speed of only 40" slow. That four times weakness to water doesn't help either. However! Stick a Camerupt with Eruption on a doubles Trick Room team and you have a force with which to be reckoned. (Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put! See what I did there?)

Eruption is a move that, similar to Water Spout but with Fire typing, does more damage the more HP the user has. It also hits both opponents in a double battle, which is a huge asset. With Trick Room set up, Camerupt is bound to attack before it gets hit, earning it the full 150 power. Add a STAB and a boost from a Fire Gem or Choice Specs and you'll be hitting the opponent with immense force. For an EV spread, if you are going with a Trick Room Eruption Camerupt, I'd recommend 252 in HP and Sp. Atk. IVs should be 31 in everything but Speed. Earth Power, Flamethrower, and AncientPower are moves to consider putting in the other slots. Quiet nature is what you'll want.

Chapter 2: Scyther, Or: YES! I GET IT! SCIZOR IS REALLY GOOD!


Most consider Scizor to be leaps and bounds better than Scyther. And, for the most part, they would be correct. However, the evolution from Scyther to Scizor does not go along with an increase in base stats. The 500 base stat total just gets shuffled around. Scizor is slower, but bulkier and stronger, and Scyther is quicker while forgoing defense and a tiny bit of firepower. Scizor also trumps Scyther in typing, as it only has one weakness, and Scyther's 4x weakness to Stealth Rock is debilitating.

That doesn't mean you should count out Scyther, however. Speed is on his side, so he can be a fantastic Swords Dance abuser. When you anticipate that your opponent will switch out or use a move that you believe you can take, Swords Dance, and then hit back with something along the lines of a Technician boosted Aerial Ace. 

If you are worried that Scyther's less-than-stellar bulk will prevent it from being able to set up Swords Dance properly, consider throwing an Eviolite on him and moving the 252 EVs you would have put into Attack into HP. After all, a few Swords Dances will still put you way above the Attack stat you would have had with EVs in Attack. The nature is really up to you, wheter you want to increase attack or bulk.

Chapter 3: Ambipom


I love Ambipom. Monkeys are so cute. Especially when they have enormous fists that can kill you with a quick one-two punch. Wait, what?

Ambipom, like Scyther, has the fantastic ability Technician. It makes moves that have a base power of 60 or less do 50% more damage. Take that, add in STAB and a normal gem, and you've crippled your opponent with Fake Out, leaving them open for an easy kill next turn. 

Generally, Fake Out is less usefull than a stronger attack, because the ability to have more type coverage, at least in my book, trumps the ability to do a tiny bit of damage without taking any yourself. However, in Ambipom's case, Fake Out can be turned into a killing machine. Because Fake Out guarantees that the opponent flinches, has increased priority, and only works on the first turn Ambipom is out, use Fake Out turn one, and something else to finish the job on turn two. 

Once you've KO'd a Pokémon, you'll most likely want to switch out so that the next time Ambipom shows up you can repeat the process. Because of this, I recommend putting U-Turn on Ambipom as well. Other moves to consider are Return, Low Sweep, and, if you aren't using U-Turn, Last Resort. EVs should be 252 in Attack and Speed. Adamant nature would be best.

Chapter 4: Cofagrigus, Or: The Mummy Returns


Cofagrigus is a fantastic wall. Sure, its HP is a little lackluster, but its Defense and Sp. Def are stellar. Add in pure Ghost typing and you've got yourself a fantastic staller who can block common moves like Rapid Spin and Close Combat. Here's a set that is fun to play with:

-Will O Wisp


-Mean Look

-Trick Room

Sure, you're pretty much hosed if you come across a fire type, something with Magic Guard, or anything else that is immune to burn, but whenever you find a sweeper you feel will give your team trouble, throw Cofagrigus in there, and set up Will O Wisp and Mean Look. The burn will make their physical attacks do even less damage, and Mean Look and Rest allow you to stall for as long as you like. I threw in Trick Room because that is where Cofagrigus works best. For EVs, you will want 252 in HP and, because his two defences are not equal, around 28 in Defense with 228 in Sp. Def, with a Calm nature.


Thanks for reading folks! Comment with your thoughts on my suggestions as well as suggestions of your own!