Shattered Gemstones Chapter 5: Aboard the Susanowa

Hey, sorry this took so long to get out. I was on a roll for a while, but ran headfirst into a mountain of writer's block that it took me a while to get out of. I know this chapter's a day late, but I just finished it and I didn't want you guys to wait another week. I was a little disappointing in how this chapter came out, compared to how I had planned it. Originally I had intended this chapter to be narrated in even parts by Toby and Damian, but Damian turned out taking the spotlight for the majority of the chapter. I had also planned for it to be longer, but it wound up this way for the sake of pacing, and I can live with that. On an unrelated note, I've been maintaining a blog where I've been posting things related to Shattered Gemstones, any other projects I do, as well as anything in my personal life that I feel like talking about. It's on Tumblr, but it's not just MLP gifs like every other account seems to be. I'm actually taking it seriously, because I feel like the people who are interested in my work should be able to know more if they want. Occasionally I even post bits of Shattered Gemstones before they're released here! :D Anyway, you can follow the blog at I think that covers everything, so, without further ado, enjoy chapter 5 of Shattered Gemstones!
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