PKMNcast is Hiring

Hey All,

As we prepare for the launch of the new site, we want to bring on some new people. We want the best, like no one ever was. Here is the deal with why and how to work for PKMNcast. 

Before we begin, we need to stress that our positions are non-paid. While other sites may offer payment for articles, we are focued on building a community around passionate Pokémon fans. 

Why contribute and help us?
• You'll be working for one of the best Pokémon Sites on the Web
• You get discounts on all store items
• You'll receive PKMNcast gifts in the mail from time to time
• Exposure: you'll get your name and links of choice on a very high traffic site

What we are looking for?
Reliable: you'll have to hit article deadlines
Original: copy and paste doesn't work here
Detail (your middle name): Tagging, categories - you never forget
Learn on the Fly: Ask for help, then you rock it every time after

I'll be honest. Most editors here did not just sit around and wait for an e-mail saying welcome aboard. All our editors today stood out above the rest, they showed this site they have passion for Pokémon. 

Right now we are looking for a Master Proof-Reader. Not only will the Master Proof-Reader have access to the new site early (ensuring all the new articles have all the right commas in place), but the Master Proof-Reader must be like a Ninjask. They need to be in and out when a new article is ready for the public so that no words are wrong and the article can go live as soon as possible. 

We are open to other positons as well. Have a great idea for content? Let us know!


To apply: E-mail with the subject line "October Bound" and why you should be the next PKMNcast Editior.