Rare Article: 3 New Developments about Black and White 2 to be Excited for

File:CoroCoro May 2012 BW2 1.pngThe May issue of CoroCoro, a magazine that often breaks news about new Pokémon games has begun to leak, and there is a ton of very intriguing information about the upcoming sequels for Black and White. Here are the three that I am most excited about. After all, it's my opinion that matters.

Chapter 1: Developments Between Games, Or: I'm Pretty Sure that Giant Glacier Wasn't There Before

We have just learned that Black and White 2 take place two years after their predecessors, and apparently a ton has happened in that time. Most notably, Unova is being surrounded at all sides by a giant glacier. Perhaps this means that Kyurem's new formes have had some effect on the landmass. Maybe we get some sort of post apocalypse, a la Shattered Gemstones. No matter what this means, it's certain that a lot has changed in Unova since we have last seen it, and, due to the chonological difference and terrain changes, what we have on our hands is not just a "third version" split into two games. It seems as though these games follow a completely different storyline than the original Black and White. 

Chapter 2: New Areas, Or: As if Giant Glaciers Weren't Enough

CoroCoro confirms that we will be visiting new areas in Unova, including a new starting area, titled "Hiougi City." New gym leaders have also been announced (a poison gym leader and a water gym leader) so it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that they are accompanied by new towns/cities. Additionally, the magazine scan at the top of the article shows a map that contains what looks like towns and cities where there wasn't anything before, specifically on Route 4 and on the landmass Southwest of the "central" Unova landmass. Presumably, this means that, in addition to new gym leaders and new areas, we will be visiting the old areas in a different order. That's cool, 

Chapter 3: Breaking Tradition, Or: I Fought the Pokélaw, and the Pokélaw Won

Throughout Pokémon, there have been certain traditions that have never changed. You start in a small town, you earn gym badges, fight a villanous team along the way, and eventually challenge the Elite Four and the champion. I'm sure that the basic outline will still be the same in BW2, but there are a few notable changes that we already know of. Namely, Hiougi City, where the player starts, is a full city with a Pokécenter. This might not seem like a big development, but, as I'm sure you are aware, there has never been a Pokécenter in the starting town. It probably doesn't herald the destruction of the Pokémon structure that we know and love, but I hope that it is a sign that things will be shaken up just enough to keep things fresh. I know that some of you might be upset with some changes to what has been in Pokémon since the beginning, but, personally, I'm excited to see what happens when the boat is rocked a little. 


So that's it. I want BW2 now.