MOTW - Wish

Heya guys, Kenny here with another exciting edition of Move Of The Week. Today we'll be taking a look at the ever-popular Wish! Wish is a Normal Type Status-Category move with a base PP of 10 (max 16). Wish is a unique recovery  move that takes two turns to work. On the turn that the move is actually used, the game will simply state that the user made a wish. On the second turn however, the wish will come true and the Pokémon that is currently out will have their HP restored by 1/2 of the user's maximum HP. Please note that I said "user's". Yes, that means that your Blissey uses Wish and you switch out to your Toxicroak, that the Toxicroak's HP will be restored by 1/2 of the Blissey's maximum HP. I bet you guys are seeing the strategy in this move now, huh?

Alright, well now now that I mentioned strategy we might as well talk about that huh? Well, here we go! As previously stated, Wish heals the amount of HP that is equal to one half of the user's Maximum HP. Yes, Gen V DID change how Wish works. Wish used to heal half of the HP of the active Pokémon, and now (I'll say it one last time just to solidify it) it heals the active Pokémon 1/2 of the maximum HP of the Pokémon that used Wish. This means two things; Pokémon with a lot of HP make great use of passing on the Wish to other Pokémon, and Pokémon with low HP aren't so good at passing it on. This means that if you want use a Wish-passer then you'll most likely want to stick to your bulkier Wish-users such as Blissey, and Wigglytuff. Teams that are based around this strategy that are well-executed can be quite effective, however I would advise having a backup strategy just in case something goes wrong.

Well, that covers this edition of MOTW. I really hope you guys enjoyed it!