Pokemon Scholar for Hire

As you may have noticed, David hasn't exactly been pulling his weight around here in the write-a-freaking-article department. He spends most of his time here at the luxurious PKMNcast Secret Headquarters laying around on the couch in the green room, eating Poffins and seeing how many jars of Moo-Moo Milk he can drink in rapid succession without throwing up*. We're getting sick and tired of cleaning up all of those empty jars, and for that reason we're finally going to put him back to work. 

After a long bout of pondering, he decided that he'd start a new series of articles that combined his two greatest natural talents: Knowing way too much about fictional universes, and proudly broadcasting this irrelevant knowledge all over the internet. 

So, starting this Thursday, David will be writing articles in which he answers YOU THE READERS' questions about the lore behind wonderful world of Pokemon.  Please submit questions regarding the history of the Pokemon world,  strange occurences in the games, Legendary's origins, or Pokemon origins in the comments of this post (or any post in this series of articles). You can also send them to DavEdwTho@gmail.com!

Hopefully this article will have some amount of longevity, and we won't have to kick David out and tell him to go find a real job. 


*Current record: 8