Catcher and the Raichu

If there is a single card in the Emerging Powers set that is making a disruption it is Pokemon Catcher ( This reprint of the old favorite Gust of Wind gives you the ability to disrupt your opponent's field and set up. The simple way to use this card, bring up a Pokemon you can knock out that turn, score an easy prize. This card gives any deck an edge only equal to Quick Claw. It allows for decks with a fast set up the chance for an easy sweep.  What's the best way to shut down a deck running stage 1 or stage 2 Pokemon? Knock out every basic they play to their bench, and Catcher should give you the chance.

If you're looking for deck ideas and you'd like to run Catcher the key things to think about are speed, draw excel and board control. You should have your opponent running for Mt. Moon by turn three. Look for heavy hitting Stage 1 Pokemon with one or two cost attacks. Also look for trainers and supporters that will help you cycle through your deck, in case you don't get a Catcher in your opening hand. If you can land a big Pokemon turn two and knock out a basic that would lead to bigger things it's possible you could have the game on lock down.  

As I'm writing this Pokemon Catcher is going for $13.00 online. A play set (4) is quite an investment. Let's say you are as casual about the TCG as I am about the video game, to the point I restarted because I got lost. You don't need to shell out a lot of cash to be competitive. You don't even need to buy any new cards. Go into your basement, find your old pokemon cards and dig out Switch ( which has been reprinted and is format legal. If your opponent is using Catcher for the quick KO's Switch won't do much. However, if your opponent is using Catcher to Muk(haha!) with your set up then Switch is the exact counter. I find myself using Catcher to bring up Pokemon with high retreat costs and who have no energy. Forcing my opponent to stack energy for the retreat makes sure that I will have two to four turns to find an answer for the Pokemon on their bench. Switch quickly takes away those turns that I'm counting on. Switch also happens to be a good counter for another set favorite, Beartic ( Beartic forces you to retreat and bring up something else to KO it. Not a huge issue but eventually you will be out of energy from retreating to bring up your other Pokemon. Switch fixes this problem and works well as a counter to Catcher. Keep everyone pumped up and go out poaching polar bears.