Live Show! This Wednesday!

What are you doing at 6PM (CST) this Wednesday? Probably nothing? No Doctor Who, Glee, House, Simpsons to take up your night? The hurricane has fainted, and you just got a full restore given to you to listen to "It's Super Effective" - LIVE!

Join us on BlogTalkRadio to listen to SBJ and special guest talk about Pokémon. There will be a full live chat where we answer questions, as well as, listeners can call in for FREE to be on Air to ask questions or saw what they like about our show!

Time Zone Break down.

Central Time Zone: 6PM
East Coast Time Zone: 7PM
West Coast Time Zone: 4PM

Hawaii (US) : 1PM
Sydney, Australia: September 1st - 9AM
Europe/London: Midnight
Singapore: September 1st - 7AM