MOTW: Scald



Scald. Move of the Week. Let’s do it.

As Black & White are out, we’re going to continue the Gen V streak here. Scald is a pretty basic move that can be used very effectively. With a 30% chance of burning, it makes it a very interesting move. Also not to mention that nearly every water Pokemon on the planet can learn it.

The only two Pokemon that can learn it are Panpour and Simipour, but with TM55 you can teach it to almost anything. The odds are that if you have either Black or White you already have TM55. If not you can go back to Cold Storage and snag it up for freezezes!

Burn is a very unique status aliment. If you didn’t know, when a Pokemon is burned it’s attack is cut by 50%. Also, at the end of turn the effected Pokemon loses 1/8 of it’s max HP. So not only is this just a good move over all with being 100% accurate, and 80 power, but it also cripples any physical attacker your facing.

One of the only things that kind of stinks about the 30% chance of burning is that there really is no way of upping the percentage of that happening. There is no item that ups the percentage of status aliments happening, and the only ability that ups it is Serene Grace, in which none of those Pokemon can learn Scald... lame.

So who do you want to teach it to? Well if you’re looking for a STAB you should go with a water type, but there are a couple of non-water Pokemon that can actually learn Scald. Obviously Mew can learn it, but, Azurill, who is a normal type can learn it, and also Emboar can learn it, which is kind of awesome. A fire/fighting that can learn a special water move? Awesome. The last non-water Pokemon that can learn it of any worth is Stunfisk, who is baller by the way. A ground/electric that can learn a water move that burns? So awesome.

So, that’s about it for this edition of MOTW. Definitely keep an eye on the site in the next couple of weeks here. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on that’s being added, and some really awesome stuff in the works. Thanks all for reading, and remember!!!...

-It’s Super Effective