MOTW: Wild Charge

Move of the Week time! Today we’re talking about a move that I’ve found particularly useful when going through Black and White my self. It’s a move that one of my favorite Pokemon, Zebstrika, can learn by leveling up. The move I’m talking about here is Wild Charge.

WIld Charge was introduced in Gen V to a slew of Pokemon that can learn it by leveling up, and also to a ton of others by TM 93. Even some non-electric types like Tepig (or Pignition still, depending on who you talk to, lol) can learn a fully electric move. Also if you’re considering an Arcinine for a team you’re building, Wild Charge is now the second electric type move that it can learn, next to Thunder Fang.

So what is Wild Charge? It’s an electric physical attack that has a 90 power rating with 100% accuracy. Not bad. It is now the best electric physical attack out there, at least purely based on stats. The only two that have a higher power rating now are Fusion Bolt and Volt tackle, but Volt tackle can only be learned by Pikachu, and Fusion Bolt... Well, you have a pretty good idea as to what next week’s move of the week is going to be now.

The only negative to Wild Charge is it’s recoil. For the damage that you do Wild Charge will do 25% of that back towards you. Pairing this move with a higher HP Pokemon may be a good idea in that instance. Out of all the new Pokemon I would say that I would pair this move with, it would probably be Zebstrika. Now I know what you’re thinking, Zebstrika has one of the lowest HP of all the new Pokemon. You’re right in thinking that. To be totally honest, there really isn’t a heavy hitter electric type Pokemon in the newest set.

Zebstrika has a decent attack stat and a killer speed stat, but Wild Charge really isn’t a move I would want to base my team off of. It’s very much a supporting move to balance a Pokemon, and in the case of Zebstrika, it’s attack is 100 and and it would over all turn out to be a very strong attack, recoil or not.

Wild Charge is now one of the most powerful physical electric type moves out there, so if you’re considering an electric physical attacker for your team, consider Wild Charge. I know that it’s been a killer move for me in Black and White, and it can for you too.

It’s a little shorter MOTW this week, but this is the breath of fresh air before next week’s set of moves that I’m rolling out. Hope you all are enjoying Black and White and we’ll see you this weekend for tournaments and a live podcast at the Midwest Gaming Classic!

-It’s Super Effective