Gobble Up These Fun Techs

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re not American… sucks, eat a turkey sandwich. While everyone is sitting around the warm fire stuffing themselves with stuffing I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a turkey day themed look at the TCG. So with Cities around the corner and the pressure to build up player points building like the pressure behind Uncle Jerry’s belt lets remember to enjoy the game we are so thankful for and have some fun.

Ok the first bird we’re bring to the table is Pidgeot with the attack Headwind. Headwind increases your opponent’s attack cost by two colorless. Headwind provides a clear counter for any legendary looking to outrage but is also a counter to Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion. Since none of them benefit from having a double colorless energy attached to them for their attacks your opponent probably isn’t going play a DCE to provide the single colorless energy for Terrakion’s Land Crush or Cobalion’s Iron Breaker. This gives you hopefully one if not two turns to put down the cranberry sauce and get your game back. Also since Headwind is only two colorless energy it could be run in all your favorite net decks.

Let’s say Pidgeot isn’t your bird of choice, or maybe even turkey, then lets get exotic. I’m talking about duck, Golduck. A full poke-bodied Pokemon he’s all about nutrition. His poke-body, Natural Remedy, is a small potion each time you attach an energy. What I think Golduck is best at is making a come back, it’s the second helpings. When you’re hurting at the start of the game Golduck could be the pick me up if you need to get back on track. His attack also makes use of the first two or three turns worth of energy you played to the bench thinking that that Psyduck starter was useless.

These two neat little techs are side salads to the next fun deck you’re building. I’ve got tons of thoughts on Noble Victories so be ready for a novel next week.