La PokéWalker

I’ve had a couple non-Pokemon people always ask me what I am wearing on my pants. A quick smile jumps to my face when I tell them it’s my PokéWalker. They generally ask a little bit more, but I usually simplify it by saying it’s a Pokémon Pedometer that counts my steps every day. Excited, I tweet every time someone comments on mine. 

So that short story, that probably got all of you emotional, will lead into this week’s Rare Article... hopefully with little to no grammar errors. 

The PokéWalker debuted with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver earlier this year. The Pokéball shaped accessory was designed for Trainers to take their Pokémon with them when they weren’t playing the handheld game. Pokemon can be transferred to the PokéWalker to gain experience points every time the Trainer takes a step. Trainers can also “earn” watts, which help unlock items and gives the Trainers a chance to catch wild Pokémon. Pretty cool, right?

Curious about how this Pokémon themed pedometer relates to real life?
Let’s break it down into
3 real life facts!

  • For every 20 steps, you earn 1 watt. Conveniently, 20 steps also burns 1 calorie. 
  • For walking, it’s recommended to take 10,000 steps a day. If your hitting that goal, it would take you 200 days to unlock all the routes. 
  • PokéWalkers get the women. Don’t be afraid to sport it where they can see it. 

There are two games on the PokéWalker: PokéRadar and the Dowsing Machine. The PokéRadar will cost 10 watts. This game brings the Trainer to a screen with four patches of grass. An exclamation point will appear, and this is where the Trainer must select the correct bush. Selecting the correct bush will start a battle. The battle system is quite simple, but you can hold 3 Pokémon you catch and transfer them back to your DS. The Dowsing Machine will let the Trainer find items in the wild for the price of 3 watts. Again, you can only hold 3 items until you transfer them back to your DS game. If the item is “close by”, then it will be either directly to the left or right of that patch of grass. If the item is “far away”, then it will be at least two grass bushes away via either direction. Mostly based on luck, we know. 

If you see another Trainer with a PokéWalker, then make sure you become their friend! This is also a requirement of wearing one of these hot cakes. Also, when you see another PokéWalker in the wild, you can connect-up with that Trainer to get gifts. Items depend on what route you are on, but your PokéWalker can hold 10 gifts from other Trainers, then of course, you’ll have to sync back up to your DS. You can only link with an individual once a day, so find 10 different friends to sync with every day. 

If you have a PokéWalker and your not wearing it... what is wrong with you. This is one of the coolest things to have on your belt ever! We should have a PokéWalker contest! Let us know if you would be interested in that? Maybe who can walk the most steps in a week? I think I just like contests.