Eeveelutions: Leafeon (Updated)

Thursday -Vaporeon

Friday - Jolteon

Monday - Flareon

Tuesday - Espeon

Wednesday - Umbreon

Thursday - Leafeon Glaceon 

Friday - Glaceon Leafeon

We come to an end for Eeveetober. It was a good first annual holiday. Hopefully, all of you have also enjoyed the whole Eeveepisode that we posted yesterday. You can find it here. Remember to rate us in iTunes.

So now it comes down to Leafeon. Back in Red and Blue, you got a Fire Stone, Thunder Sone, Water Stone, and Leaf Stone. But, the Leaf Stone never worked. And... well.. it doesn't work no either. You have to level your Eevee near a rock of moss to get Leafeon. 

Whoa, so many invites. I'm really not that popular... but maybe Leafeon and I are the same. Let's finish talking about this little guy (or gal).

Leafeon rocks the regular defense and regular attack. HP is on it's low side, but it's ability Leaf Guard will prevent non-volatile status problems in sunny weather (aka Sunny Day). Keep that in mind for a combo. A combo you say? Well play Leafeon with Sunny Day, Leaf Guard takes effect, then follow up with a Solarbeam. Now you don't have to wait for a recharge. Maybe even partner Leafeon up with a Fire Pokemon? Other moves to consider? Sword Dance, Leaf Blade, Last Resort, Grass Knot, and Synthesis. While Leafeon may not be the best stand alone grass Pokémon. Its one of the few that can learn a varied grass move pool. 

Would you russell your leaves with a Leafeon?

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