Eeveelutions: Vaporeon

Instead of doing the usual Rare Article today, sorry to disappoint anyone, we are going to kick off our Eevee week (next week) this week! Wait? What does this mean?

Let me break it down for you.

Starting today, everyday (excluding the weekends) we are going to talk about a different Eeveelution. This is all leading up to our all Eevee Podcast Episode. 

Thursday -Vaporeon

Friday - Jolteon

Monday - Flareon

Tuesday - Espeon

Wednesday - Umbreon

Thursday - Leafeon 

Friday - Glaceon 

Today we look at Vaporeon, the all Water evolution of Eevee. First off, your going to need a Water Stone to evolve your Eevee. Vaporeon is the bubble-jet Pokémon with the ability of Water Absorb. Water Absorb will heal one quarter of your Max HP when your hit by a Water attack, therefor, water can’t damage you!

If your picking Vaporeon, your going to focus on HP and Special Attack. Vaporeon has the highest HP out of any other Eeveelution, keep that in mind. Vaporeon is awesome because it can be a very defensive Pokémon or attack heavy. Defense wise the user can use moves like Wish, Protect, Baton Pass, Muddy Water, and Acid Armor. Yes, that was five, but you can mix it up. Attack heavy are you? Go with moves like Surf, Ice Beam, Last Resort, Shadow Ball, and Signal Beam. 

Vaporeon, as well as the original three Eeveelutions were very Popular back in the day. So don’t forget they are still very awesome Pokémon. 

So what has you? Are you a Vaporeon?

Let’s see what Eeveelution is the most popular, use your Facebook likes to like the ones you would use, at the end of next week, let’s see what Eeveelution stands out!