136 Pokémon Twitch Red

SBJ, Travis, and Will talk about Pokémon news regarding Dancie, Pokemon Trozei, and the Ruby/Sapphire Soundtrack in iTunes. We also talk about Twitch plays Pokémon Red/Blue on Twitch.tv. Finally we do our Pokémon of the Week plus we read your iTunes reviews on air (again).

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135 Learn with Pokémon: Bank Adventure

This episode SBJ and Will talk about Pokémon Bank, the new Pokédex Book, the online Pokémon tournament happening, and more! Also, if you leave us a review in iTunes, we will read it on the air! Enjoy!

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132 Pokémon XD: Gale of Sales Numbers

Travis, Will, Andrew, and SBJ talk about Pokémon Bank, PGL stuff, Dreamworld closing, and what we didn't like about Pokémon XY. We also talk about Pokémon of the Week and give shout outs to everyone who left us iTunes reviews. We also talk about sales numbers too.

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124 Pokémon XY, Rivals, First Impressions

 In this episode... SBJ, Travis, Will, and (special guest) Kyle talk about their first impressions of Pokémon XY. We talk about our thoughts on Generation VI. We talk about our favorite new Pokémon in the Kalos region. We talk some news regarding glitches and bad eggs and the patch that Nintendo sent out. We cover a lit of Legendary Treasures, but mostly we talk about how different Gen VI is compared to past. Enjoy! (98% Spoiler Free)

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