131 Pokémon Dash Central

In this 2014 episode. SBJ, Will, and Travis talk about rumors regarding two new Pokémon games named "Plus" and "Minus". We also talk about a Pokémon inspired music video. Finally... we share our thoughts on the Kalos Elite 4 and Champion. Spoilers if you have beaten Gen VI yet. Enjoy!

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130 Pokémon Bank, Hoopla, Hoopa

In this episode of "It's Super Effective"... SBJ, Will, and David talk about the Nintendo eShop going down. We talk about the delay of Pokémon Bank due to this cause. We also go in depth with our picks for the #Kalos10, as well as, talk about 3 new Pokémon that were discovered by reserve engineering of Pokémon X and Y. We finish off with some speculation of 2014 and our Pokémon of the week! Also, check out our sponsor - Foot Cardigan!

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125 Kalos, Nationals, PokéDex

In this episode of "It's Super Effective"... SBJ, Kenny, Travis, and Will talk about their favorite Gym Leaders in the Kalos region. We also go over our least favorite Pokémon from X and Y and our favorite types. We also talk about 2014 Nationals, Mega Venasaur EX in the TCG, and Pokémon Origins. #PokemonXY

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