New Trailer for Sun & Moon Released!

A new trailer for Sun & Moon has gone up on the official Pokemon Youtube channel with new information about legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala, the Alola region, and names for a few new characters including our new professor, Professor Kukui! 

The trailer opens with gameplay footage of Solgaleo (confirmed to be Psychic/Steel type) and Lunala (Psychic/Ghost) in battle, using their abilities and what seem to be their signature moves. Solgaleo  has an ability called Full Metal Body, functioning similarly to Clear Body. The ability blocked a stat decrease from an opposing Salamence's Intimidate ability. It also uses a new move called Sunsteel Strike. We didn't see Lunala's ability, Shadow Shield in action, but it has a signature move similar to Sunsteel Strike called Moongeist Beam.

The Alola region is confirmed to be made up of multiple islands that the player can take boats between. In a screen capture, Professor Kukui postulates that "that could be the reason the region is chock full of nothin' but rare Pokemon, yeah!" We also meet Lillie, a big-hat-wearing girl with braids called "Kukui's Mysterious Assistant". Finally, we learn the name of Hau, the black-shirted swim trunks guy who's our "new friend in Alola. In the trailer, we see him jumping up and down excitedly telling the player that something that has happened "gave [him] chicken skin!" ... whatever that means.

Perhaps the most unexpected news is that the player's Pokedex, given to them by Professor Kukui, is inhabited by a Rotom! Screengrabs from the trailer show that we're able to talk to the Rotom, saying  that the next generation is only complete when a Rotom enters the machine that's specifically developed for it. It's "a whole new way for people and Pokemon to communicate!"