Shining Legends Coming October 6th


The Pokémon Company International today announced Shining Legends, a brand-new expansion for the Pokémon TCG, launching in the US on October 6.

For the first time in many years, Pokémon TCG players will have the chance to see and collect Shining Pokémon, including Shining Jirachi and Shining Volcanion. They will be joined in Shining Legends by a host of other Mythical and Legendary Pokémon such as Shaymin, Marshadow and Mewtwo-GX.

This special Shining Legends expansion will feature:

  • Over 75 cards: Including Legendary, Mythical and Shining Pokémon from across Pokémon’s history

  • Booster packs: Each pack contains 11 cards selected from the expansion and includes two guaranteed foil cards
  • New powerful Pokémon-GX: Including the likes of Mewtwo-GX, Raichu-GX and more. Look out for full-art rainbow Pokémon-GX!

Booster packs from the Shining Legends expansion will only be available via select Pokémon Trading Card Game products, including Pokémon-GX Boxes and more.

In separate news, to celebrate the recent release of Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows, Team Skull and a horde of Pikachu have taken the battle to the dance floor. The Pikachu display their charming showmanship while Guzma, the boss of Team Skull, busts a move alongside Team Skull Admin Plumeria and a troupe of Team Skull Grunts as both crews fight for dance battle victory. With both teams serving up flawless footwork and slick moves to settle their differences, who will be crowned the winner?