It's Super Effective is on Omny!

Do you want to catch ‘em all? Well then, I have great news for you - PKMNcast: It’s Super Effective is now available in bite sizes pieces on Omny. PKMNcast is a podcast about Pokemon that provides you with expert battle tips, merchandise updates and general news about everyone’s favorite Nintendo game.


PKMNcast is the most popular Pokemon podcast on the web, and has consistently held a place in the top 50 downloaded shows about video games on iTunes. Presented by SBJ, you’ll always have a good laugh and learn about everything cool and current in the Pokemon world.

If you want to be a Pokemon master, this is a perfect time to start. In celebration, we’ve started a Pokemon club here at the office.

If you want to listen to a snippet of PKMNcast, you can check it out here. For more, you better add it to your Omny playlist!

PKMNcast Website
PKMNcast Twitter
PKMNcast Facebook

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