There Will Be At Least 10 New Pokémon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The footage of Pokémon Sun and Moon shown on Pokénchi turned out to be the first television broadcast of the same trailer from the Pokémon Direct for the 20th Anniversary stream. Most of the 30 minute broadcast seemed to be the show's usual fare, which is showing off new Pokémon pencil cases and tools for rice-shaping. 

The 3 guests from the Pokémon Company didn't say much of anything. After a long pause when asked how many new Pokémon would be in the games, Juinchi Masuda said... more than 10. The cast looked closely at the fire truck and ambulance concept art and asked which version the guests wanted to buy. Shoko-tan and Hyadain asked for mega evolutions of Weavile and Greninja, but there wasn't any new information about the games.

Before the developers, one of the kids that visited the show challenged Rinka-chan to a battle on 3DS. Rinka won the battle, but it was Natsume-chan that got to taste that impressively Pikachu-shaped rice dish. So, we've yet to see any gameplay of the new Pokémon titles. Pokémon Sun and Moon are set to release at the end of 2016, so more information should be coming soon.