[Update] Pokemon Red & Blue Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

The iconic soundtrack for Pokémon Red and Blue is coming to "limited edition" vinyl. This vinyl includes all the track from the original games, as composed by Junichi Masuda. The Pokémon Red and Blue vinyl will cost $50 USD when it goes on sale and it's limited to 500 copies. You can request to know when it's in stock right here.

The original soundtrack from the game that started the global Poké-phenomemon, now on limited edition vinyl! Moonshake records has taken every single track by composer Junichi Masuda from the original Game Boy games  (plus the theme from the animated TV show) and pressed them up on beautiful red and white swirl wax to look like a Pokéball. You really can't deny the massive influence Pokémon has had on generations of gamers (video game and the card guys too). Obviously a must for all the Pokémon trainers out there, old and new. Limited to 500 copies so be quick! 

Update: Investigation is showing that this vinyl is not official Pokémon merchandise. Source coming from this reddit posting