Mythical: Schools and Slowpokes

THe newest Season of Mythical is here! This is not an April Fools' joke! 

This is a 3-part season where we play Fiasco! Fiasco is a GM-less game that focuses more on relationships than combat. Going back in time in the Mythical universe, we see Standt and Bébé interact in high school with their friends. You do not need to listen to the other Seasons of Mythical to enjoy this season.

Mythical is present by the team at Pokémon Podcast (@pokemonpodcast), It’s Super Effective. This episode was
produced and edited by Steve Black Jr. (@draggingalake).

Standt Willow was played by Logan (@loganjenkins), Bébé was played by Greg (@whitewing), Vanil Swinu was played by Travis (@thetravisw), Mala S. "Slopes" Lopes was played by Irene (@devoncarrots), and Bull Granburk was played by Micah (@micahthebrave).

All the music in this episode was produced by Nick Burgess (@doctorburgess). Please support Nick and check his music at

Logos and Graphics for Mythical were created by Steve Black Jr.

Illustrations for Mythical were created by Micah The Brave

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