375 Cramorant and Pokémon Masters Thoughts

Cramorant and Polteageist are the two newest Pokémon shown off this past week in a recent Nintendo Direct. We cover the new clothing styles and the Curry Dex in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Minor Pokémon GO news this episode, but we spend a good time talking about our thoughts on the new mobile game, Pokémon Masters. The new Sword and Shield TCG set also got announced this past week too.

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:03:30 - Pokémon GO Events
00:04:50 - Sword/Shield TCG
00:07:40 - Playing Pokémon at PAX
00:11:35 - Pokémon Masters
00:19:00 - Shiny Necrozma
00:21:40 - Pokémon Masters Thoughts
00:58:00 - Break Music
00:58:40 - New Pokémon, Nintendo Direct
01:37:00 - Post Credits

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