369 Team GO Rocket

Team Rocket has invaded Pokémon GO. Shadow Pokémon need to be purified, and someone needs to battle these Zubat they brought with. Rumble Rush dropped on iOS, Pokémon Duel is disappearing this October, and Pokémon Masters can be downloaded in Singapore. This episode marks our 9th year of being a podcast, so thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

00:01:20 - Introduction
00:08:20 - Team Rocket in Pokémon GO
00:33:50 - Break Music
00:34:30 - Pokémon Duel Shuts Down
00:37:50 - Pokémon Rumble Rush on iOS
00:41:45 - Pokémon Masters
00:50:20 - Question of the Week
01:00:05 - Pokémon of the Week
01:04:10 - Housecleaning
01:08:30 - Post Credits

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