367 Pokémon Sword & Shield Not Reusing Models?

According to a Famitsu article from a month ago, Game Freak has stated that the models in Pokémon Sword & Shield are NEW and made from scratch (not taken from past games). A new trailer also debuted showing some new, creamy Pokémon to catch. Pokémon GO released an update to Trainer battles, but then pulled the update due to complaints. Pokémon Worlds is open for registration, and attendees can get a special Aerodactyl for showing up.

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:05:00 - Pokémon Worlds
00:15:00 - Pokémon GO Trainer Battles 
00:21:10 - New Pokémon
00:59:35 - Break Music
01:00:15 - New Characters
01:26:30 - Reused Models
01:48:40 - Pokémon of the Week
01:53:30 - Post Credits

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