354 Detective Pikachu Talking Toys

Wicked Cool Toys released their Detective Pikachu toy line at retailers this past week, SBJ goes over what you should and should not buy. Pokémon GO burnout seems real for some trainers in the community. We talk about the past Community Day and the upcoming egg event this week. Sword & Shield gets a brand new Steel-type move that a fan from Japan will get to name, we compare it to a past move that had a similar contest. Finally, what things bothered us in Pokémon games, like poison outside of battle, that we are happy that Game Freak addressed in future games.

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:00 - Community Day 
00:07:10 - News
00:07:20 - Pokémon GO Egg Event
00:21:10 - Pokémon GO Photo Contest
00:30:00 - Break Music
00:32:00 - Sword & Shield New Move
00:37:40 - Detective Pikachu Opening Night
00:43:10 - Casting Trailer
00:51:40 - Detective Pikachu Toys
01:11:10 - Break Music
01:12:20 - Question of the Week 
01:21:15 - Pokémon of the Week
01:27:30 - Post Credits