332 Meltan Evolves Into Melmetal

The spooky Pokémon GO Event is here! Catch yourself a Shiny Drifloon or just try to get yourself a haunted Spiritomb before November! We get more information about Meltan, including that it's the first known Mythical Pokémon to evolve! Our question of the week let's us think about our favorite episodes of the anime, and our Pokemon of the week will for sure fit in your nightmares.

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:05:00 - News 
00:05:10 - Pokemon GO Halloween Event 
00:11:50 - Melmetal 
00:26:05 - Break Music 
00:27:15 - Question of the Week 
00:38:20 - Pokémon of the Week 
00:49:30 - Post Credits