328 Meltan's Pokémon GO Debut

Meltan is our new Pokémon with a name! Lots of Pokémon GO news regarding a ban to a very notable player of the game. We cover future community news and events coming this October. We also go more in-depth about Metlan and the connection to PikaVee and Pokémon GO. The PikaVee Tour has also started, and we give you information on that. Finally, we introduce Question of the Week!

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:04:05 - News 
00:04:15 - Pokémon October Community Day 
00:07:25 - New Shiny Pokémon in GO 
00:19:20 - Pokémon GO Ban 
00:34:00 - Break Music 
00:35:00 - Metlan Information 
00:49:30 - PikaVee Tour 
00:53:30 - Question of the Week 
01:01:20 - Pokémon of the Week 
01:10:40 - Post Credits