300,000 Downloads in 2015

You guys have downloaded "It's Super Effective" over 300K times in 2015 alone! I cannot thank you enough for the support! If we do some math, that's about 25K downloads a month OR 6K downloads per week OR 800 downloads a day OR about 1 download every 2 mins. ONE download every 2 mins for an entire year!? Very wow. 

"It's Super Effective" has remained the most popular Pokémon podcast in iTunes. It's both the most rated & highest rated Pokémon show in iTunes too. ISE has been featured in iTunes "What's Hot" section month after month. On top of all that, ISE was hand picked by iTunes for "Enthusiast Shows" under Gaming Podcasts + More. 

It has been an incredible 2015!! Our goal for 2016 is to break 500K downloads for a single year. Again, thank you!

Note, these numbers are from January 1st, 2015 to December 30th, 2015.
They do not include any downloads from previous years.