Alolan Rattata and a Special Snorlax Revealed in Nintendo Direct

A Nintendo Direct live stream on September 1st has revealed a new Dark/Normal-type Alolan form for Ratatta, as well as announced special, Pokemon-specific Z-Moves with Snorlax's exclusive "Pulverizing Pancake" attack.

Signature Z-Moves were announced with in-battle video of an Alolan Raichu using a currently unnamed Z-Move of its own. The stream showed the lengthy attack animations for both of the attacks, with Raichu riding a wave of lightning (a Thunder Wave?) out of the sky, into an Aerodactyl. Pulverizing Pancake, Snorlax's special Z-Move, entailed Snorlax opening its eyes, suddenly with a flash of energy, to get a running jump, flattening an opposing Gumshoos with a body slam.

Also revealed was Alolan Rattata, standing on its hind legs in battle with scruffy, black fur. Like the new Meowth form, Rattata gains the Dark type, but retains Normal as its secondary. This gives Rattata, and presumably Raticate, a never-before-seen Dark/Normal typing. Now, the two toothy first-gen rodents will get a STAB while using Bite and Crunch, shown off in the reveal in-battle against a Gastly. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release worldwide on November 18th. The Nintendo Direct also announced that trainers who pre-order the new games will receive a Munchlax in-game, ready to evolve and Pulverizing Pancake its way through the Alola region by their side.