May's CoroCoro Will Have Information on Sun & Moon

The leak of April's CoroCoro magazine didn't bring us much about Sun and Moon, other than the promise that the May edition will feature at the very least a reveal of the games' box art. The magazine confirmed the new Robo-Diancie-like legendary, Magearna, to have Steel/Fairy typing, and gave a first look at Pokémon Ga-Olé, a new arcade game coming to Japan in July.

In the "what's next" section of April's CoroCoro, a large spread featuring blurred-out packaging for the games hinted at the next issue's contents. Below the images, the leaked images show a sentence exclaiming "you can see Pokémon!" in May's magazine. While we're not entirely sure if this means we'll just get a first look at the game, or if they will reveal some of the games' first new actual Pokémon. We've seen lots of new species debut in the magazine in the past, but it seems we may have to wait for May to find out.

CoroCoro, a manga/comic periodical for young boys in Japan, frequently gets exclusive information about upcoming Pokémon games, and it looks like we're entering the part of Sun & Moon's life cycle where we have to hope and wait each month for the contents to leak.