Hidden Secrets in the Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial


Ancient instructions on how to catch a Pokémon (Mew?) on side of vehicle.


Learn to Surf (below HM03). Lower right of TV does indeed say "Kanto". Our picture is bad, but the TV also says "roadblock on Route 12" and "Crowds flock to see rare fossil discovered at Mount Moon" too. 

(Not 10, but Route 12. Thanks to @SnorlaxMonster for the correction on this one!)


Some thought this chess piece might have been Rhydon, but the ears clearly confirm a Nidoking. 

20 Years

Kind of obvious here, but funny face to go with it. The 20 represents 20 years of Pokémon. 

Volcano Badge

Kanto themes still running strong here. We see the Volcano badge on all the football player's helmets. 

(Thanks to Jeff for pointing this secret in our Slack community and encouraging us to make this post!)


I don't think a lot of people caught this one. While running out, the two guys run next to each other to form 1996 on their backs. This is the debut year of Pokémon in Japan. 

The Very Best

Probably the easiest throwback in the entire video. Stands out and noticeable, but not badly placed. 

Moo Moo Milk & Rare Candy

To the left of the trainer we have Moo Moo Milk and right next to "defeated" we have an image of Rare Candy. Looks like we are in Toyko, Japan, here by the rest of the ads around. 


No secrets or hidden gems here, but we get a good look at the four Pokémon being represented in this battle. We see 3 Kanto Pokémon of Charizard, Magneton, and Gyarados. The only non-gen 1 Pokémon in the whole video is Mega Lucario. 


No Pokémon commercial would be complete without Pikachu. This is where the message is really focused in on. We get a dad who clearly loves Pokémon encouraging his son that he "could be the very best, like no one ever was".