A Trainer Card will be Banned by the End of this Month

Lysandre's Trump Card is a Trainer card from Phantom Forces. It will soon be officially banned from all sanctioned tournaments in the TCG as it has created an "unbalanced" playing environment.

The ban will take into effect starting June 15 in most countries, but the ban will not take into effect in Japan until June 20. Odd... but Japan always has a weird TCG environment. 

More about the card on Bulbapedia

As of June 15, 2015, Lysandre’s Trump Card (XY—Phantom Forces, 99/119 and 118/119) will be banned from all sanctioned Play! Pokémon tournaments in most of the world. (The ban will go into effect in Japan on June 20.) This card has created an undesirable play environment because it:

• Eliminates one of your opponent’s victory conditions (running out of cards in your deck)
• Allows repeated use of powerful Trainer cards
• Allows drawing through your deck quickly with minimal repercussions
• Extends the time of battles

All sanctioned tournaments will be affected by this change, including Pokémon National Championships occurring after June 15 (except in Japan) and the Pokémon World Championships in August.
— Pokemon.com