Fairy Friday: Sylveon

Imagine this, you have an Eevee you have had this Eevee for a long time, (maybe since I don’t know Fire Red?) This Eevee has traveled with you through Kanto to Sinnoh and even to Johto, then to Unova. Now its time for Gen VI, and now that Pokébank is finally out your precious Eevee can come into the wonderful new region of Kalos. Kalos is the home of so many new Pokémon and mechanics in the Pokémon universe the two biggest being Mega Evolution and the new Fairy Type. Since this isn’t Mega Monday, I would like to welcome you all to another fairly interesting Fairy Friday! Today’s topic is if you haven’t guessed, is Sylveon.

Competitive Analysis

Today we will be going over some competitive analysis for Sylveon. If you are thinking of putting one of the Eeveeloutions on your team and don’t yet have a strong Fairy-type on your team yet, you really should consider Sylveon.

If you want to get a Sylveon on your team you’re going to have to show your Eevee some love Specifically in Pokemon Amie. You will need a two heart rating in its affection and knowing a Fairy-Type move While leveling up.


Sylveon has the ability Cute Charm, and the hidden ability Pixilate.

Sylveon has the ability Cute Charm, and the hidden ability Pixilate, Cute Charm works a lot like Static except with infatuation, so that means whenever an opponent’s attack makes contact there is a 30% chance of the opponent becoming infatuated with your Sylveon. Remember that your Sylveon has to be the opposite gender than the opponent for that to work.

Pixilate, however to me is a much more impressive ability for Sylveon. It changes all of Sylveon’s Normal-Type moves into Fairy-Type moves and gives all of those attacks a 30% boost in power! This takes a move like Hyper Voice to an astonishing 117 base power thats above the new power for Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, etc. and that doesn’t even put STAB into account.  Most Sylveon that I see in the battling circuit make use of this ability by having Hyper Voice on their Eevee when it evolves into Sylveon. This is Achieved by taking your Eevee to the Move Tutor in Lentimas town in Black 2 or White 2 and trading in 6 blue shards.

Sylveons base stats are pretty good like all Eeveeloutions it has a total of 525 which puts it in pretty good standing. So without any ado, Sylveons base stats are

Base Stats

HP: 95

Attack: 65   

Defense: 65

Special Attack: 110   

Special Defense: 130

Speed: 60


As I see it Sylveon has a massive special bulk. In other words, It can really take a hit from just about any special assailant. With an impressive stat in Sp. Attack, it can also function easily as an effective sweeper. Unlike others of the Eevee family, Sylveon’s movepool seems open enough to have a large number of viable moves that can work well with a lot of different sets, Letting you be creative and bring new surprises (like Pixilate) to the table.


Sylveon is “slow". In terms of Base stats being outsped by all of its Eeveeloution kin and other select non-evolved pokemon such as Chimchar or even a Charmander (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) not to mention it’s substellar attack and defense stats. This Pokemon was clearly not designed to go against a physical attacker.

Potential Strategies

By now you all are probably thinking, “Hey, we didn’t just come here for a commentary. We want a way to use this pokemon to the best of it’s ability!” Well wait no longer because it is time for just one of ways that you may use a Sylveon:


The upcoming moveset is a template and while it may suit the circumstances that it will go into it is by no means a perfect moveset. Feel free to use whatever moves or stat orientations that you feel work best, and remember this is pokemon it is supposed to be fun.

Wishful Thinking

Move 1: Hyper Voice

Move 2: Calm Mind  

Move 3: Wish

Move 4: Protect

Item: Leftovers

Ability: Pixilate

Calm Nature (+Sp. Defense/ -Attack)                          

Effort Values: 252 HP, 4 Defense, 252 Sp. Defense


This Moveset should give you a lot of time to think about your next move. With this EV spread and a perfect IV your HP and Special Defense stats will be at 394 and a special attack at 256 you will be hitting hard with Hyper Voice, scouting out with Protect, and giving one of your pokemon 197 HP with Wish. Should you not think that your attack will go through a tougher opponent just sit back relax; and think with Calm Mind not only do you get a boost to your attack but you’ll also be able to take more hits defensively.

In the TCG

Sylveon has made two TCG appearances two versions of the same card. The first appearing in English markets as part of the Sylveon Collection box set along with all the other Eeveeloutions. he second appearing in the Sylveon Half-Deck as part of the X & Y trainer kit.

In the Anime

Sylveon made it’s Anime debut in Eevee & Friends, the Pikachu Short name that accompanied Genesect and the Legend Awakened, The sixteenth Pokémon movie.

In the Anime proper, Sylveon will appear in Kindergarten Chaos the thirteenth episode of the X & Y arc. Which is set to air on April, 12, 2014 in the United States.


  • Sylveon is based on a sylph a, mythological fairy related to the air (Which might have something to do with why I along with many others, thought Sylveon was a flying type).

  • Sylveon is the only Eeveeloution that was introduced without a pairing (such as Umbreon and Espeon/ Leafeon and Glaceon).

  • The way Eevee evolves into Sylveon is completely unique to Eevee as in it is the only Pokémon that evolves with the use of Pokémon Amie.

  • Sylveon’s Japanese name is Nymphia.

  • Sylveon shares an origin with Sylphymon from the Digimon universe.


In conclusion,it is obvious to me that a whole lot of love and time went into designing Sylveon. It is an amazing Pokémon worthy of a place on anybody’s team whether it be on a casual or a competitive team.