Pokémon Monopoly Reprint Coming September 2014

In the late nineties,  an abundance of Pokémon toys and board games were released in the US. Ranging from Pokémon Battle figurines, to bouncy balls, and the Pokémon Master Trainer board game.  Perhaps the most beloved of these being Monopoly: Pokémon edition.

USAoploy, one of the foremost manufactures of board games, revealed in a press release that it will be producing two Nintendo Licensed Monopoly board games, Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda.

These games were unveiled during the International American Toy Fair that took place on February 16th in New York. The Pokémon edition will focus primarily on the Kanto region, much like the original Pokemon monopoly game that was released in 1999.

These games will retail for a recommend price of $45 and are expected to be out this September. 

You'll get to relive the days of family fun, anger, and frustration Pokémon-style! 

Board games are more popular than ever, and USAopoly will continue its commitment to provide quality entertainment and memorable experiences for another 20 years.
— John M. Davis, President of USAopoly