Vanillite Giveaway! [Update 2]

Kenny and Steve will be giving away 20+ Vanillite for you all! Friend codes will take place at time of the exchange. This is a first come first serve event. You can trade whatever to us to receive your Vanillite. Please be ready with friend codes, complications will result in us moving on to the next Trainer. 

Kenny will be trading about a dozen Ice Creams tonight at 7:15PM CST on a first come first serve FC exchange. Please add Kenny right away here:!/trading-post#ice-cream-giveaway and provide your FC in that post below. Please be patient while waiting. The rest of the Ice Cream cones will be traded this weekend if you miss your chance!


Nature: Modest

Ability: Ice Body

Egg Move: Autotomize 

IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31

Get your exclusive PKMNcast Pokémon starting at [new time coming]