Golduck Giveaway!! [Update: It's Over!]


Starting tomorrow at 6:30PM Central Time - you'll be able to trade with Kenny to get a owned Golduck. This Golduck will actually be a lv. 1 Psyduck with perfect IVs, a Clam Nature, the ability of Cloud Nine, and it will know Confuse Ray. Just comment below if you want one with your name and your Friend Code and add Kenny's Friend Code here: 0645 - 5968 - 3770

Kenny will be free most of the night to trade these out! We have about 25 to give to fans! Of course, your Golduck will come in a Premier Ball too!

In the comments below, include your name, friend code, and what Pokémon you want us to make for you next! 

UPDATE: Thank you everyone who participated in our duck giveaway! We traded for 2 hours straight to our fans. It was a little sloppy on our end, but we'll get it streamlined soon. Thank you everyone! We love your duck pics from Twitter and your activity online! Thank you! This was only the first of many more Pokémon to come!